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Are you looking for premier quality farming pumps? Well look no further than SPS Farm Pumps UK Based in rural Crewe Cheshire in the heart of the North West.
SPS Farm Pumps have over 11 years of farm pumping experience and working with our partner and superior quality pump manufacturer Ebara who have been delivering quality stainless steel pumps since 1912.

We are happy to offer a next day service on many pumps with only a 5 to 7 day service on potable water storage tanks through our partner ENDUROMAX.
We offer a wide range of Farming/Dairy water pumps and accessories, including Cintropur centrifugal water filtration and Atlas Blackcomb audible alarm UV systems all designed to suit busy farm environments.

So whether you are replacing that old Pentax Cab 200 wash down pump with a modern alternative Ebara AGA, or wanting to install a new farm booster set and quality potable water storage tank you have come to the right place!
Every day we supply volume wash pump sets, borehole replacement wetted end pumps or motors, dirty water and drainage pumps and we have a complete range of pumps for your plate cooler/water drinker systems ready to ship the next day.

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What types of pumps do we stock?

Specialising in the superior Ebara Pump Range of Industrial and Farming Pumps available in both 240 V single phase and 230/400 V three phase, Ebara and SPS have years of experience of both on-site installation and quality supply service meaning we able to help with all your farm pump needs.
We have pumps for:

Volume washing/dairy washing/collecting yard washing/livestock trailer washing
Borehole pumps/spring well and river well pumps/rainwater harvesting pumps.
Submersible pumps/multistage submersible/storage tanks/ wells or underground tanks
Farm booster sets for drinking systems, washdown systems, whole farm and ring main systems with variable speed drives and constant pressure systems with 1,2 or 3 pumps working as duty assist or duty standby systems with both vertical and horizontal multistage sets.

We have a full range of surface mounted and self-priming pumps for use as plate cooler pump, rainwater harvesting pumps, washdown pressure sets, and drinker system pumps both in flooded suction or self-priming design.

Dirty water and solids handling pumps for drainage or just sump pumping in the yard or parlour are readily available in cast iron and stainless steel with free passage up to 50mm and sump pumping down to 2 mm with safety float switches for automatic operation attached.

In addition to our pumps and systems, a full range of accessories for farm pump pumping applications are available at SPSFarmPumps.co.uk. These include Challenger and Pressure Wave pressure vessels, cabled float switches, 30 mtr 1” washdown hose and geka fittings and wash down guns to suit. All are available to buy it now through the shopping basket and most with a next day delivery available as long as delivery criteria are met.

Servicing the lifeblood of the farm

SPS Farm Pumps UK is a family-run company with more than 11 years’ experience in the farming industry. We stock a fantastic selection of pumps, pipeline products, water booster sets, water tanks and much more. We only use pumps manufactured by leading brands in the industry, so quality is one thing you should never be worried about when you buy from us! Our experts have earned an excellent reputation for delivering high quality pump equipment. We can confidently approach any farming project with the knowledge that we can supply the correct pump equipment cost-effectively.

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