Black MDPE drinking water storage tank


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Available in sizes from 5,000 to 30,000 litres. Please choose size above.

All of our tanks are fitted with a 620mm diameter plastic lid and come with a 2″ outlet.

The WRAS approved Potable Water Tank is constructed from mid density polyethylene granules using the latest in seamless, rotationally moulded technology which guarantees strength, impact resistance and durability. This above ground tank provides a cost effective drinking water storage tank and is UV stabilised for years of use.

Bulk water storage tank ideal for storing main, borehole and ground source water.

Commonly used as a plate cooler flow and return storage tank.

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5000 litre vertical tank 1900mm dia x 2300mm H, 6,500 litre vertical tank 2600mm dia x 1500mm H, 8,500 litre vertical tank 2600mm dia x 2063mm H, 10, 000 litre vertical tank 2450mm dia x 2500mm H, 12,500 litre vertical tank 2600mm dia x 2600mm H, 16,800 litre vertical tank 2600mm dia x 3410mm H, 20,000 litre vertical tank 2850mm dia x 3600mm H, 30,000 litre vertical tank 3450mm dia x 3650mm H


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