DW [Vox] 100


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Ebara submersible pump for waste water with free passage of 50mm

Materials of construction: stainless steel 304

Connection: 2″

Motor rating: 0.75 kW 230-1-50 OR 400-3-50 (please select above)

Available with float switch for automatic operation (single phase only) or without float switch (please select above)

Available with standard single channel impeller or vortex impeller (please select above)

Performance range (flow in litres per minute): 0-600

Total developed head (in metres of water column): 13-3

Performance range VORTEX IMPELLER (flow in litres per minute): 0-500

Total developed head VORTEX IMPELLER (in metres of water column): 9-2

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Pump options

Single phase without float, Single phase with float, Three phase without float, Single phase VORTEX IMPELLER without float, Single phase VORTEX IMPELLER with float, Three phase VORTEX IMPELLER without float


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